Volunteer With Us!

Peer volunteers are the heart of Sex Out Loud's campus activism work. The first step in becoming a volunteer is to attend a one-hour volunteer orientation. You can then fit our volunteer program into your schedule by signing up for activities and events that are convenient for you.

Activities include holding office hours, serving on committees to help plan events, chalking and postering on campus, helping set up events, attending events, and helping out around the office.

You can also become a Condom Conduit. Conduits are basically our "middle-person" and help distribute safer sex supplies to students. Once you attend a half-hour conduit orientation, you get to start handing out condoms to people around campus!

E-mail our volunteer coordinator at sexoutloud.volunteer@gmail.com to get information on upcoming orientations!

Work for SexOutLoud

Sometimes, there are many open positions, and sometimes there are very few! When positions are available, they will be posted here and in other areas around campus.

Please send all application materials, including a résumé, to sexoutloud.volunteer@gmail.com to apply.

Due April 13th at midnight - Facilitator

Program facilitators implement Sex Out Loud programming in dorms, Greek life, co-ops, apartments, and student organizations on the UW Madison campus. Program Facilitators are trained by medical professionals and are responsible for being up-to-date on the latest sexual health info and facilitate pleasure-inclusive sex ed. classes on topics including: safer sex, advanced pleasure, kink, LGBTQ+ relationships and more! Facilitators oversee weekly office hours and peer counseling sessions.

Due April 13th at midnight - Involvement Coordinator

The Involvement Coordinator for Sex Out Loud is responsible for managing the organization’s Volunteer and Condom Conduit Programs. This entails, recruiting new volunteers, training volunteers, promoting Sex Out Loud events, creating programing for volunteers, organize staff hiring, and more! This position is flexible and a great opportunity for individual creativity! In addition, the Involvement Coordinator is expected learn the ins and outs of the org, including but not limited to: the resources and service we offer, knowledge about safer sex supplies and sexual health information, and the structures of the organization.