Our Mission

Sex Out Loud's mission is to promote healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism. We acknowledge that each individual's sexuality is uniquely shaped by all facets of identity and experience. We seek to empower students to engage with these issues by providing inclusive and accessible programs, events, and resources, as well as safe spaces for reflection and discussion.

Our Values

Stigma reduction. Sex Out Loud believes that students are better able to make healthy, informed decisions and seek services to take care of their sexual health when they can access accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information. We work to eliminate sexual shame and stigma so that young people can feel comfortable asking questions, sharing with their partners, talking to their health care providers, and participating in sex that makes them feel happy and fulfilled.

Peer-to-peer. Sex Out Loud is funded and run by trained students. Using a peer-to-peer model allows our audience to feel comfortable asking us questions and discussing these issues in frank, honest language.

Pleasure-inclusive. There is more to sex education than just pregnancy and STI/STD prevention! Sexual pleasure is an important part of sexuality that is often not discussed or taught in traditional comprehensive sex education models. Sex Out Loud acknowledges how pleasure affects sexual decision-making, condom application skills, relationships, and the epidemiology of STIs and pregnancy.

Consent culture. Consent is a clear, freely given, enthusiastic, and informed yes, not the absence of a no. We believe consent is a sexy part of communication and 100% mandatory for all sexual activities.

Inclusivity & Safe Spaces. We strive to present sexuality and sexual health information in a manner that is affirming and inclusive of all gender identities, gender expressions, experiences, sexual orientations, relationship types, bodies, sexual preferences, and all of the fluid spaces in between.