Our Office

Come visit the SexOutLoud office at the Student Activity Center in the heart of the UW-Madison campus! Our friendly student staff are available to answer your questions and direct you to resources. Pick up some condoms, browse the resource library, read a few pamphlets, or use our comfy couches to study and hang out!

Office Hours

10am - 6pm

Monday - Friday

Student Activity Center, Suite 3143

333 East Campus Mall

Madison, WI 53715


Tel.: (608) 890-2138

For remote, confidential sexual health counseling and advising, e-mail: ask.sexoutloud@gmail.com

Condom Bowl

Right outside our door, we keep a bowl stocked with free condoms for your convenience all day every day! You can also find important fliers here.

Condom Bucket

Just inside our door, we keep an even bigger bucket stocked with free condoms. Bring your pail and shovel!

Sex Health Supplies

Insertive and receptive condoms, sex dams, lubricant... We have it all! Familiarize yourself with basic contraceptive products or explore our more exotic sexual accoutrements!

Resource Library

We have shelves full of books, binders, and digital media, all available for check-out to UW-Madison students!

Pamphlet Wall

For portable sexual health education, we stock our pamphlet wall with tons of topics, including information about other sexual health resources in the Madison area.

Paper Maché Decor

You can't miss it!

Lounge Space

Want a place to study, hang out, ask questions, or read a book from our library? We have one for you, and you're always welcome!

Wall of History!

Old t-shirts, posters, and art are a blast from the sexual past! Come check it out and ask us questions!