The SexOutLoud Team

SexOutLoud is staffed by talented students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who are passionate about sex-positive education, outreach, and activism. We are proud to be the peer-to-peer sexual health resource for the whole Badger community!


Jocelyn Cabañin

Hey there! My name is Jocelyn Cabañin and I am the Program Coordinator. I am a senior majoring in Sociology, born and raised in the Windy City, and a sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. I started working for SOL in Spring 2015. As of lately, my passing time consists of watching "Celia".


Trent Swiekatowski


Peter Rivera

Hi! My name is Peter and I’m the Involvement Coordinator at Sex Out Loud. I am a Gender & Women Studies and Psychology Major with a certificate in Chican@ and Latin@ Studies. My favorite things are pancakes, penguins, and pictures (catch me on insta). I have a kitty cat named Artemis but I’m not a cat lady (yet). I’m super social and love to talk (complain) about anything, so if you see me during office hours don’t feel shy!


Brenna Kinney


Char'Lee King


Nikeya Bramlett

My name is Nikeya Bramlett and I'm a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud. I am currently a 5th year graduating senior at UW-Madison studying Economics with a Math Emphasis and a certificate in Afro-American Studies. My hobbies (outside of applying to graduate school) include singing in various groups around campus, watching lots of television with my roommates, and navigating life with my kitten Lola!


Meredith Head


Ayden Prehara

Hey guys! My name is Ayden, I am a second year program facilitator and sophomore studying Gender and Women's Studies and Community Nonprofit Leadership here at UW Madison. When I'm not facilitating one of our amazing programs, I love to cook, sip bubble tea, and play with my puppy! Ask me all of your sexual health questions!


Sydney Thomas

Hey y'all! I am a first year program facilitator at Sex Out Loud and a junior studying Gender & Women's Studies and Communication Arts with a certificate in LGBTQ+ studies. When I'm not studying or working at the Sex Out Loud office, you can find me reading a good book or socializing with any and everyone. I love to cook, drink wine and obsess over babies! I look forward to working with you!


Miriam Kelberg


Rebecca Treisman

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am a Program Facilitator at Sex Out Loud, which I start in the Spring of 2017. Currently, I am studying Gender and Women's Studies with certificates in Folklore and LGBT Studies. I really enjoy cooking and baking and would eventually like to go to culinary school. One of my favorite things about working with Sex Out Loud is that I get to help share information that could lead to someone making healthier and safer decisions.


Christine Vu

Hello! My name is Christine and I am a fourth year student studying interpersonal and rhetorical communication and gender and women’s studies. I am thrilled to be one of SexOutLoud’s newest Program Facilitators! Right now, I am learning how to make sexual health information more fun, inclusive, and accessible. But, when I am not doing that you can find me attempting to cook new dishes or at the terrace soaking up some vitamin D.


Laura Jean Alexandre-Strong

Hello all! My name is Laura Jean, or LJ, and I am a program facilitator for Sex Out Loud! I am currently a junior studying music (violin performance) and business. In addition to my academics and work, I currently am a violinist in the Black Music Ensemble, an active member of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., and have an adorable cat named Moscato! When I'm not studying, practicing violin, or working at SOL, you can see me walking around campus playing Pokémon Go, eating pizza, or drinking Moscow Mules. Come say hi in the office some time!


Kuber Malhotra

Hi everyone! I am an Applied Maths major. I am from New Delhi. I am interested in the ethical aspects related to computer programming, technology and engineering. I have always been interested in the arts and designing. The creativity involved in the various disciplines and the way they overlap and intersect with each other interests me a lot. In addition to that, I enjoy running, debating, painting, drawing and calligraphy.


Tobin McGilligan

Hi everyone! My name is Tobin and I am SexOutLoud's webmaster. I am a senior studying Cartography/GIS and Computer Science, and I started working at SexOutLoud in fall 2016. When I'm not studying or making sexual health information more accessible to UW students, I really enjoy social dancing, watching YouTube videos, and reading Quora!