Masturbation for Men: Look, No Hands!

While most men consider masturbation more of a “hands-on” activity, there’s actually a way to get off, hands off style!

We’re talking about prostate massage. The prostate is a gland found only in male-bodied individuals.   Functionally, it’s a cum factory that produces a large portion of seminal fluid.  Pleasure-wise it is one of the most exhilarating and sensitive parts of the male reproductive system.  When swollen from arousal, the prostate kind of feels like a ping-pong ball on the other side of the rectal wall.  Any person with a prostate, no matter what their orientation, can achieve orgasms of new heights by exploring prostate massage. The prostate can be either stimulated externally or internally either via the perineum, or up the butt.  For those interested in internal stimulation, read on.

Step one is preparation: physically and mentally.  You may wish to make a bowel movement and shower, paying special attention to the anal area.  As long as you don’t have that “I gotta go” feeling, the rectum is a generally clean.  Step two is lubrication: you’re going to need a LOT of lube because the anus is NOT self-lubricating.  Next, it’s time to relax.  A warm bubble bath with scented candles or meditative breaths can help.  Finally, arousal: while taking deep breaths you can start to caress and feel your entire body.  Right now, try to avoid actually touching the penis.  Instead focus on the nipples, the perineum, and any of your other hot spots.

While self-stimulation is possible with just a finger, you can always kick it up a notch and invest in something to help you out in your quest for prostate orgasm!  Popular and quality brands for these toys include Nexus and Aneros, among others.  Basically, the toy’s special shape is designed to directly touch the prostate.  By pushing and clenching the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, the toy rubs back and forth over the prostate.  Even if there is no direct penile stimulation, this can produce an orgasm of a different caliber.  Some say that the orgasm is more similar to that of a female-bodied person in that it causes muscle contractions throughout the entire body and has a longer duration.  Many people who experience orgasm from prostate stimulation involuntarily scream in pleasure.

For those on a budget you can, WITH CAUTION, use a Sharpie marker.  Put some lube on it, and insert it (the bottom, not the cap side) into the rectum no farther than 3 inches.  Since there is not a flared base on a Sharpie or similar shaped everyday items it is important that you have a tight grip so that you don’t lose it. We definitely recommend covering the Sharpie with a condom, not only to protect your butt from the sharpie, but also to give you something extra to hang onto!

To take prostate massage to an all-new level, have your partner give a hand job or a blow job at the same time.  The best part?  It’s actually good for prostate health if the prostate gland is massaged and stimulated!

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